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Ew.Look at this cute little white kitten, he’s the last one of the litter & he needs a home :( if you live in Vegas and want him hmu! he’s such a sweetie loves to cuddle and play <3 He was going to be my kitty but bubbas came home so looks like I can’t keep him which sucks cause he’s my favorite of them all </3Since I’m nice here ya guys go. Photo taken by my iPhone sorry for the bad quality.My older sister Heather <3  I seriously think I’m adopted :| I look nothing like my siblings or parents D’:Getting kisses from my baby Diane <3 Yes I love that dog to death and most of you all know. She’s my little trooper made it pass deaths doors twice already :3 My miracle puppy alright :3Some more of my pretty hair <3 & KITTENS !Look at that, I have no makeup on and still look hotter then you, you know who you are <3 me and my babyA bit revealing not really my thing wearing a bikini but, I loved this shot <3More to come:) bikini: mua: Anais Salazar hair: Ivana ChristineI get bored ;oFOLLOW MY BEST FRIEND PLEASE <3 If you love my blog you’re gonna like his! I’m in a picture taking mood :3 though I can’t edit them :( does anyone have a cracked version on photoshop? :DI seen another girl on tumblr do this before and it inspired me. Though I can’t show what the original photo looks like due to the fact I don’t have Internet at the time I took it with my cell phone. This is to show not everyone is what they look like. On the left is me with makeup and edits, on the right is what I naturally look like ‘the real me’. I am a makeup artist and I see what girls naturally look like before they get dolled up, what everyone calls beauty and perfection is made up and I should know. Anyone can be ‘beautiful’ on the outside but I truly think it only matters if you’re beautiful on the inside to be called beautiful. Don’t be fool by the looks, if they have a crappy personality they have a made up image. Luckily I was blessed with a great personality and I got lucky to know how to apply makeup. Anyone and everyone is beautiful no matter what they look like as long as they’re real with personality. I know I’m going to get hate for showing what I truly look like but keep in mind, I’m comfortable in my own skin. Xoxo - Jessie Lush <3At the studio with Billy warden, Sydnee Green, Raquel Reed, Sabina Kelley, myself, & Ivana Christine <3
The Name is Jessie Lush :D Fuck U <3 by Jessie Lush

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1 caroll-ine caroll-ine | Web | 21. may 2011 at 13:53 | React

Né v 8 :D A na 8 třídu :D jsem si to teda všechno hezky podělala :/ :D

2 Bridget Bridget | Web | 21. may 2011 at 21:24 | React

krásný! :)

3 Bridget Bridget | Web | 25. may 2011 at 15:18 | React

no,nevim,záleží jak se to bude líbit,ale myslim si,že by se tam mohl udržet,že mu budou posílat lidi hlasy,že prostě umí udělat show....:)

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